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Welcome To The Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce

The Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce is here to assist our members by promoting tourism, encouraging economic development and by serving the Vero Beach business community as its voice in important governmental matters. Our pledge is to do this and still preserve our precious environment and our unique way of life.



If you have visited Vero Beach before then you know what a unique place Vero Beach is. If not, we invite you to find out as long as you promise not to tell anyone. Just kidding. Of course, you are going to want to tell everyone else what a good time you had, about the friendly people, beautiful beaches, and family atmosphere.

The Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce is here to help you enjoy our beautiful little city by the sea. From this site, you may make hotel reservations,  explore where to eat, go shopping, and see things to do. 

Most of all, Enjoy yourself. 


We will only sell 24 3" ads to surround the map at $50 each
There are 5 full page ads 4.5 x 6" at $250
Back Cover is 4.5 x 6 " and is $400
If you buy one of the full page ads you get a 3" ad
The premise is that they pick up the map at the Chamber office on 14th Ave starting on Thursday March 14th. Each person must visit all 24 advertisers (you will each be given a sheet of numbers. You will apply one to each person coming in) In addition they must come to the Chamber by 3pm on Thursday March 21th with 2 receipts from 2 of the 24 businesses. You will get foot traffic and at least two businesses per participant will make sales. Remember, you get treasure, and a $1000 cash prize will divided among three lucky winners
Call the Vero Beach Chamber of Commerce to be included

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